Pasta Giuseppe Cocco

Cavalier Guiseppe Cocco is proud pasta maker to the Vatican State & considered Italy's premier quality pasta.  His pasta has as much to do with the spring water & clean air from the mountains surrounding the village of Fara San Martino, in the Abruzo Region of Southern Italy, as well as the ancient grains from which it is made. Organic Kamut & Spelt (Farro) result in whole-wheat pasta that is rich in protein & high in fibre.  Nutrients are preserved using bronze die & slow air-drying methods on beech-wood frames delivering an incomparable flavour.  The range includes his signature "matassine" nested coils made on antique machinery, traditional & unique home-style pasta shapes as well as the most luxurious saffron pasta made with Italian Navelli saffron.

Pasta Cocco Farro Spelt Organic Pasta Cocco Saffron Zafferano

                                 Pasta Cocco Kamut Khorasan

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Pasta Cocco Bronze Die

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Pasta Giuseppe Cocco
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